Take (2023)
Directed by John McWilliams (HardToReadProductions)
Cinematography by Elise Partain
I Wonder As I Wander (2021)
Directed by Elise Partain
Soprano: Alicia McCorvey
Harpist: Carolyn Dupont
Audio: Dave Henderson Recording Studio, Lexington KY
Ode to Spring (2021)
Written and Performed by Blakeley Burger
Directed, shot, and edited by Elise Partain
Where is Elsewhere? (2021)
Directed, shot, and edited by Elise Partain
Danced by Jillienne Leigh Glodowski
Featured in the 2021 St. Louis Fringe Festival

Where is Elsewhere? is a film by Elise Partain and Jillienne Glodowski to express our experiences being neurodivergent in a neurotypical world. Neurotypical describes people who show typical cognitive development. On the other hand, neurodivergent is a term that describes individuals with varying cognitive development, such as those with ADHD, Autism, OCD, Dyslexia, Tourette’s and others. The neurodiversity movement treats these conditions as part of a natural variation in human beings, rather than pathologizing them. 
Being neurodivergent can come with many negative and traumatizing experiences because we are not always understood by others. However, these same qualities that are misunderstood are also the reason for our vast and deep creativity. We wanted to share our difficulties juxtaposed with the beauty of our inner world, where we can be freed from neurotypical expectations. We believe when neurodiversity is more accepted and understood, our unique perspectives can be a benefit to everyone.
Simulacrum (2020)
Directed, shot, and edited by Elise Partain
Danced by Gadria Conlan

Simulacrum is a reaction to the oppressive structures of modern life and living in 2020. Though Simulacrum displays a response to the collective and compounding weight of the multiple crises of this year, it more specifically addresses the environmental crisis and the destruction of our planet and the people on it. Simulacrum depicts our imagery consumption of these crises, from social media and the internet, and how we process these images in internal and external ways. The images we digest wash over us but also settle inside us and affect us more deeply than we may realize. Simulacrum looks in horror at the dehumanization caused by capitalism and the role we all play in this system.
Turn Out the Lights (2021)
Directed, shot, and Edited by Elise Partain
Danced by Julius “Eclypse” Jenkins
All Bodies Can (2019)
Directed by Kaylee McLaughlin
Shot and Edited by Elise Partain

All Bodies Can shows that the beauty and power of dance extends beyond age, experience, or differences in ability. Created in partnership with MOVE Dance Saratoga, Saratoga Dance for Parkinsons, Skidmore College Dance Department, and Greenburg Childcare Center. Shown at Wilson Chapel in Saratoga Springs, NY.
Here Comes the Sun (2020)
Directed, shot, and edited by Elise Partain

Created as a reminder of hope during the Coronavirus pandemic for the Carolyn Dupont for Kentucky State Representative Campaign.
Stages of Imagination (2019)
Directed by Roland Garrison and Elise Partain
Shot and edited by Elise Partain

Created for with AileyCamp Newark to investigate the rich imagination of children. Shown at New Jersey Performing Arts Center in Newark, NJ, along with a performance by the students attending AileyCamp Newark 2019.